A community that offers space to move your body in a way that allows you to feel good mind and body. A place to explore movements familiar and new. A place for the student to develop self-connection self-awareness self-respect and confidence. A place where the student practices movement to cultivate a sense of playfulness and curiosity. We do this through a variety of classes and workshops, mainly yoga and barre. Some of the many possible outcomes of moving this way may bring strength, flexibility, mobility and a deep connection with themselves mind and body.

We have created the space and designed the classes, from that point on it is up to the student to decide the limits and goals. We will be there along the way to encourage and support.

Danielle halsey

Founder & Lead Instructor

For as long as I can remember movement has been a necessary constant in my life. It is a healthy outlet for me to keep my mind clear and present and my body healthy and strong. It also pairs really well with another of my passions, music so that was a bonus. I have explored movement as an athlete and a dancer, as a form of meditation and a way to practice self-care.

Yoga and I did not gel immediately. In fact, I often refer to myself as the accidental yoga instructor. While I’ve practiced yoga for almost 20 years, I took the training in 2016 as an activity to help myself through a very difficult period of my life and most certainly never expected to stand in front of a bunch of people teaching. Now, I cannot imagine life without yoga, teaching and all the other various forms of movement that keep me whole energetically, spiritually and physically. Movement has so much to offer that I am driven to forever be a student and blessed that I get to wake up every day and share what has been taught to me. Yoga for me is more that just the asana (yoga postures) that are offered in class. It is a way of life, a guide, a place to find and lose myself simultaneously. It is without hesitation a key element of navigating my way through life and immensely fulfilling.


I took my first YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) in 2016 and within weeks of completing that 200 hr. training enrolled in a Children’s Yoga teacher training with Jennifer Cohen Harper. Since then, I have completed 2 Chair Yoga trainings, and a Science of Aging training with Libby Hinsely as well as 2 Yin Yoga certifications: the first with Ellen Mosko and the second with Corina Benner. In between these certifications I took trainings for trauma informed yoga, anatomy, and sequencing again with some of the teachers I most admire in this industry. Most recently I graduated from Tula Yoga with my 300 hr. certification.

As a lifelong dancer the decision to teach Barre was like sharing a familiar and favorite story. I love the energy of the class. The afterglow of teaching or taking class is priceless. No matter how often I teach or take class Barre never disappoints or feels mundane. The results of strength, flexibility and the cardio benefits leave me feeling like I took care of myself in the best way. What I love best about Barre as a teacher is that you do not have to have previous dance experience and is a great introduction into fitness as well as a perfect fit for someone who has been active for a long time.


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